Weather Station Project

I have been using one-wire weather sensors along with One-Wire-Weather for some time, however recently, the DS2409 micro-lan coupler has become no longer available from Dallas Semi. I used those couplers to include several sensors, and had all of them fail (likely due to an electrical storm). So, I decided it was time for a NEW weather station.

I set out with these design criteria:
  • Wind Speed < 2 % accuracy
  • Wind Direction 5 deg resolution
  • Outdoor Temp < 1 degC accuracy
  • Outdorr Humidity < 3 % accuracy
  • Outdoor UV Sensor
  • Battery powered outdoor unit with Solar re-charge
  • Radio Link from Outdoor Unit to Indoor Unit
  • Barometric Sensor (Indoor Unit)
  • Indoor Temp and Humidity
  • Graphical Display (Indoor Unit)
  • Serial Port to drive Wview Weather Software